As American as Red-Baiting, Another Look.

Malcolm Nance has again taken to Twitter, insisting that “for 5 months…a bunch of black Trumpers using #ADOS” have been at the “leading edge of a racist Russian cyber attack” against Kamala Harris.

Because my articles are often shared on Twitter, usually by accounts that have #ADOS in their bios, or by accounts that routinely deploy the hashtag, it seems reasonable to suspect that some of them might be part of the supposed vast Russian cyber army to which Nance refers. About five months ago, when the claim was first put forward that #ADOS was a Russian plot of anti-Kamala subversion, I had thought it would be interesting to take a look at some analytics just to test that hypothesis. The results to support that particular narrative were not exactly persuasive.

Well, in light of Nance’s new assertion, I thought I’d take another look and see what, if anything, the past five months have produced.

That grey color where Russia is indicates zero web traffic. I can’t even take a screen shot of how many possible #ADOS Russian IP addresses have viewed and shared my stuff on Twitter because there literally are none. And contrary to what—at least in Nance’s telling—sounds like a real surge in cyber activity emanating from Russia over the past five months, there has been (at least in my little #ADOS nook of the web) a decline in the percentage of Russian web traffic, from .008% at the end of February, to now 0.0%.

I would, again, invite you to extrapolate from this. Or to, at the very least, pressure ‘experts’ like Nance to proffer actual evidence to corroborate their allegations.