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The Brainfart Trust: Jess Aiwuyor and her Ad Hoc Cadre of Dysinfo-ists

You don’t have to do all that much to be enlisted as part of the advisory board for the National Black Cultural Information Trust (NBCIT). That’s just a fact. The 7-member team of supposed experts in the field of cultural criticism boasts a combined online following of just over 6,000 individuals. One board member, Halycon Westmaas, has just 17 Twitter followers, all of whom, it seems, can count on her timeline to deliver a lot of U.S. tennis content. There is literally no online record of her ‘activism’ or scholarship, though she does seem to have attended the same grad program as the NBCIT founder, Jess Aiwuyor (Go Orange!). Westmaas’s bio notes that her interests include interior decorating. And if you’re wondering what the fuck that has to do with anything relevant to serious cultural criticism, then welcome to the club. Another member, Michael K. Fischer, just met Jess Aiwuyor online last month. 22 people in total look to him for guidance on how to navigate the terrible culture of misinformation that apparently plagues and threatens to preclude global black unity. And, rounding out the least visible people who comprise the NBCIT advisory board, there’s Ari Merretazon, the Northeast Regional Representative for N’COBRA who once tweeted out to his 135 followers a statement that ironically promotes the very essence of #ADOS political thought that the NBCIT claims to have been founded in order to correct and oppose:

The mouthful of above acronyms stand for “Descendants of Africans Enslaved (in) x”

That is literally—from day one—all that #ADOS has ever said: that they must first and foremost address themselves to the problem of white supremacy here in their home, where indeed for generations they as ADOS have felt the weight of its injustices press singularly upon them so immediately, so vividly, and so unrelentingly that it is a true wonder why anyone who claims to stand for righteousness would now commit themselves to sabotaging and thwarting what in many ways portends to be their group’s very last hope to realize a life of unsubjugation. The question that everyone should ask of the NBCIT is how this organization expects to be taken even remotely seriously when its own advisory board explicitly supports the chief argument that #ADOS puts forward for the movement’s entire existence.

Make no mistake, the NBCIT is purely a narrative machine that is masquerading as a kind of sage council of ‘thinkers’ whose sole aim is to deliberately misrepresent a grassroots movement that is made up of a people whom the entire world has essentially orphaned. ADOS have only themselves now. Theirs is a wolflike independence so uncommon to the received wisdom of how they’re supposed to act politically when they’ve been bottomcasted in America for four-hundred years that all the Pan Africanists can do in response is gather up some obscenely educated people and try to figure out how they can tell lies about them. What a pathetic, ignoble response from supposed radicals, from supposed ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’.

You just have no idea, do you? You have absolutely no idea what they’re even doing. You simply can’t see it because you refuse to. Because you just can’t possibly imagine that the very inverse of everything you’ve ever known or thought about ADOS could be true; that is, that the fierce conviction in the rightness and rectitude of their actions would be of advantage to all whose interest lay with theirs. It is long past time that we stop demanding that their interests take a permanent backseat to ours, and seriously consider what their interests would mean for us.