Less is RealMoor: The #ADOS Movement Without Nyhiem Way-El & BTP

There’s this great little adage that goes: “If you meet an asshole in the morning, you probably met an asshole. If you meet assholes all day, you’re the asshole.”

It conveys the basic truth that those people whom most frequently accuse others of being (x) are—to virtually everyone else’s recognition but their own—in fact the embodiment of (x). And I think that anyone who has ever been exposed to this stunning lack of self-awareness understands just how insufferable that sort of behavior is, and how intensely weary one grows in its presence.

Mercifully, that presence is often short-lived.

The behavior itself is so self-marginalizing that the person is forced to drift from one group to the next, always seeking out a new set of ears into which they can moan and gripe and whinge endlessly on about whomever the fuck.

And so it seems only natural that this sort of person would gravitate towards movement spaces. After all, there is certainly no shortage of available ears in movement spaces, and it’s probably pretty likely that the individual will find a good number of other people who’ve also sought out the fertile territory of movements to unleash and satisfy that particular personality disorder that needs to denounce so and so as definitely being (x).


Nyhiem Way-El—undoubtedly the loudest lil’ yipper from Sandy Darity’s puppy mill of promoters—seems to be something of a serial movement provocateur in precisely this vein. A quintessential galley-growler. The asshole in the story who goes around telling everyone else about all of the other apparent assholes that constantly surround him.

But what Nyhiem’s incessant clamoring on about phonies and frauds aims to conceal is (of course) his own inauthenticity, his own inability. Consider just how new he is to this space of a politics anchored in lineage. Here he is in late 2018, a time when the concept of ADOS lineage as it informs one’s direct political action in America was already well-established…

Here he is the following year, after having obviously consumed the education provided by the #ADOS movement’s co-founders, Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore.

Or, this one…

And while he purports to have long been an advocate for reparations, there sure isn’t a lot of activity prior to the #ADOS movement’s emergence into the mainstream to suggest much of an interest in the topic…

That’s four (!) whole years without so much as a peep made about the long overdue repayment for his people’s contribution to this country. Then again, saying nothing at all is probably preferable to saying something as fatuous and daft and gooey as this…

But what we are witnessing now with respect to his constant disparagement of the co-founders and their followers is simply what Nyhiem does. It appears part of a pattern of him coming into movement spaces and eventually starting to yell about the teeming presence of ‘clowns’ and ‘cult leaders’…

Blah, blah, blah, “I alone recognize the true depths of this problem!” “I am the last responsible man!”

Of course, Nyhiem’s competitive righteousness is only cover for his personal ambitions to ‘lead’…

Which is how it becomes sort of apparent that a big part of his present grift is obviously to apply the whole ADOS framework developed by Yvette and Antonio to the Moorish movement and make it seem like he is contributing a set of original, powerful and reorienting ideas.


The timing of Nyhiem’s (and BTP’s) voluntary expulsion from what is being built is so interesting. Because for the second year in a row, the movement has undergone an extremely healthy cleanse. And January again finds the useless excess just sort of shedding itself from the solid mass of the movement.

Remember 2020? Whoosh there went FBA. There went the doxx-happy hundreds who sink all of their debased energies into that troglodyte leader of theirs. A man who has no actual program for his people. No actual politics. A man who just sort of meanders on Twitter. A purveyor of bigotry who tried to repurpose #ADOS into serving as his personal automated-teller movement, and then—when that failed—opted to go into the keychain and miniature flag-making business.

BTP’s self-purge from the movement should inspire a sigh of relief in anyone who is actually serious about advancing the #ADOS political project. Because there is virtually no light whatsoever between the reprehensible and movement-sinking attitudes that seem to proliferate among Tariq Nasheed’s followers and the hateful, homophobic and misogynistic perspectives of BTP.

A strong and growing movement like #ADOS is absolutely right to reject the childish intrigues of a smattering of egoists who themselves have built nothing. These people are like tiny whitecaps cresting on the ocean’s surface, scornful and in total denial of the deep, churning swell in the waters below, something that long preceded them and which gave them their meagre rise and form.

It is quite a thing to watch them mistake this moment absolutely. To go on and on about how they’re ‘exposing’ the movement and—in their myopic haste—misconstrue as some kind of triumph that which is pure transience, the beginning of the end of their fleeting and toxic presence in this space.